Incrediwear Therapy

Our Mission: Maximize Performance & Recovery in the Health & Fitness world for athletes and people who are seeking to live active and healthy lifestyles. We are dedicated to helping people leave their limitations behind, and live the thrill of remaining in an active lifestyle.

We believe staying active is a huge part of healthy living. Health and fitness apparel (aka Activewear or Sportswear) creates the mood of this lifestyle. Incrediwear’s products are designed for people who wish to remain active by assisting to enhance performance and recovery. Thus enhancing your life.

Incrediwear believes the key for assisting people to stay active is not only to bring people quality recovery wear products that work with your body, but to advocate the ideal to our customers to embrace change away from the status quo that compression products are the best recovery products available.

Incrediwear separates our products from compression because Incrediwear embeds natural elements (Carbon and/or Germanium) into our products to assist in getting you the most out of your workout routines and recovery. In other words; Incrediwear does not have to compress to work.

Fitness for athletes and people wanting to stay active is about creating a product that does not hinder your physical activity, but instead is able to work with you to maximize performance. For this reason, Incrediwear’s recovery wear products are able to keep athletes and active people everywhere remaining comfortable, and feeling good all day long. 

Whether this is simply walking a mile every day, or you are engaged in fierce competition like the pros; Incrediwear products work to provide peak performance for you to remain comfortable during your workout or during recovery. Advocates of our products rave about the way Incrediwear has changed their outlook on health and fitness in their lives.

Claims are only as good as those who are willing to embrace change from what is known to be traditional compression, sportswear or activewear. Incrediwear continues to grow its recovery wear line to help peak performance for all adult ages who are looking to optimize their performance, and remain active all day long. Many people feel a difference in their movement, and their ability to stay active during their workouts, outdoor activities, or simply staying in motion. Whatever the physical task or fitness training that keeps you healthy and active; Incrediwear is designed for you to have peak performance for your active lifestyle.