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“Our goal is to establish proper recovery protocols as an integral part of every athletic training programme”

Sports recovery session
REVIEW: 14/12/2017
5 star sports recovery services Ireland
"I recently went through the recovery session you provided. With already high expectations from other athletes you have worked with, I was still pleasantly surprised with how organised and well run the session was. After two weeks of the hardest training I had been through so far this year a few days off was more than due in my mind. After using the machines and recovery techniques you put us through I was able to get straight back into training the next day. To get this kind of recovery usually it would take a lot of money and travelling for me to get to. Having you guys come to the most convenient place for us helped a lot and made it possible to use you guys on a more regular basis."

Thanks a lot guys !

Stephen Rice (Irish Javelin thrower)
REVIEW: 30/11/2017
5 star sports recovery
"I was one of the athletes from Athletics Ireland that attended your recovery programme at the Kings HospitaI, Dublin. After several hard sessions I felt very tight and quite lethargic coming into the recovery session. However, after using your products and treatments in a well set up recovery session I felt immediate relief, especially after the recovery pump. The next day I felt very loose and performed my running repetitions much better than I normally would (due to no tightness in lower body). I also performed very well in the gym Friday too, after following the rolling protocol demonstrated by you and Keith on Wednesday. Muscle activation in the 2 days after the recovery session was the most notable benefit. Highly recommended for athletic groups and team sports. As a 100M Sprinter training for Japan Olympics 2020 Our team intends to certainly avail of this unique service to help improve and maintain recovery and performance levels."
Leo Morgan (Athletics Ireland)


Elite Form Sports Recovery is available to sports teams in the 32 Counties of Ireland. The Elite Form Programme is designed to help teams reach and maintain peak performance by utilising the highest standards of Sports Recovery for athletic performance. The service is completely mobile and caters for up to 28 players in one session, using high tech equipment and traditional methods focusing on Energy, Lactic Acid, Metabolic waste, Injury prevention, Training maintenance, Equilibrium, Flexibility, Oxygen levels, Recovery and Mobilisation.. We also use myofascial release techniques that improve mobility and reduce pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles. Electric muscle stimulation helps feed the muscles with oxygen and nutrients. Sequential pneumatic compression increases venous return and aids in the flushing out of metabolic waste from excessive exercise. Each 100 minutes to 100% recovery session will maximize athletic recovery between training bouts and games, reducing injuries and optimally increasing performance.

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