Medicare 6 x Blister Pack (Large Oval – 42x68mm)


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  • Heals already formed blisters
  • Absorbs exudates from the wound and keeps it moist
  • Easy dressing is individually wrapped
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dressing Size: 42 x 68 mm (Large Oval)
  • Each dressing is individually wrapped


Blisters can be a nuisance. They can range from a barely noticeable bubble to an angry flaming red toe. At best, they can make playing sport or running uncomfortable; at worst, they can make walking or moving around extremely painful.

Medicare Blister Plasters maximise the latest hydrocolloid technology, providing optimum healing conditions and repelling water, dirt, bacteria and other environmental contamination. These blister plasters can be used to treat existing blisters or in the early stages of a blister when the skin is red and irritated. The blister plasters are flexible and comfortable to wear with most shoes.


Tips for Using Blister Plasters:

Be patient! Once your plaster is in place, leave it alone for a few days. Don’t try to peel the dressing away from the wound until it feels ready to come away by itself. You may have to wait a week or even longer until you can safely remove it. Just watch, wait, and be patient. Take the plaster off very slowly and carefully when you think it’s ready. Eventually, your skin will be as good as new.



  1. Wash the affected area with soap and water dry thoroughly.
  2. If the blister has burst apply a mild antiseptic.
  3. Make sure the blister plaster is centred on the wound and big enough to cover it completely without the wound being anywhere near the edge of the plaster.
  4. Gently press down the plaster all around the edges to make a good, firm, clean seal all around.
  5. Within hours, you’ll see a little white blob forming in the middle where the plaster is removing moisture from your wound and helping it to heal.
  6. Wait some time to allow the blister to heal.


Pack Size: 6

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