B-Strong -Individual Package – Arm or Leg Belt (1 Pair)


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B-Strong is one of the industry’s safest Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training systems. BFR training is an exercise technique that manipulates the body’s circulatory system. When combined with exercise using light loads, it produces rapid gains in strength and fitness and requires almost no time to set up.

  • B-Strong offers the most effective and safest Blood Flow Restriction product.
  • Results in rapid strength and fitness gains but with a difference to conventional training.
  • Light Weights + B-Strong = Strength gains in all working muscles.
  • Sport Specific Motions = Functional strength gains.
  • Light Loads = Less soreness and quicker recovery.
  • Portability = Strength training anywhere.
  • Light Weights = Less risk of muscle strain and injury.
  • Rehab with B-Strong = Strengthen muscle with reduced risk.
  • Rehab with B-Strong = Maintain fitness, total body effect.


What’s Included:

  • B-Strong Hand Pump & Carry Case
  • 1 x B-Strong Belts (1 x Pair of Any Size)


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Size 1 Arm Belt Small 18 cm To 31 cm, Size 2 Arm Belt Medium 26 cm To 45 cm, Size 2 Leg Belt Small 26 cm To 45 cm, Size 3 Arm Belt Large 41 cm To 62 cm, Size 3 Leg Belt Medium 41 cm To 62 cm, Size 4 Leg Belt Size Large 54 cm To 79 cm, Size 5 Leg Belt Extra Large 71 cm To 99 cm


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