Makura Kyro Pro – Mouthguard


  • CE Approved – Independently Tested by SATRA to M33: 2011 – Issue 3. The Kyro Pro, during independent testing, achieved Performance Level 3 impact tests for people playing contact sports. There are three levels of the Impact Performance Level allocated to Mouthguards, namely 1, 2 and 3, where Level 1 offers the lowest level of protection and Level 3 offers the highest level of protection.
  • Junior (Age 10 and Under) – Senior (Age 11 and Over)
  • ‘Boil & Bite’ Custom Fit, Super-tough Shokbloker body
  • ‘Airthru’ channel improves breathing
  • ‘Slipsafe’ pads prevent slipping


Junior (Age 10 and Under) Senior (Age 11 and Over) The Makura Kyro Pro Mouthguards protective technology has been engineered for the highest levels of protection and comfort. All Makura mouthguards are Latex, BPA and Phthalate (DEHP) free, and come complete with a light and durable case to keep your mouthguard clean and safe. All Makura mouthguards are fully CE compliant so that you can be confident you are buying the highest levels of safety.

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