NutriSci - Creatine

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NutriSci – Creatine

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  • Explosive energy
  • Muscle Growth
  • Easy to mix
  • Boosts Power
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NutriSci – Backed by Science

We at NutriSci believe in the future of health and providing nutrition for life. We have utilised our scientific knowledge to develop a range of products that will change the way you live your life through exercise and nutrition. The range has been formulated to suit all disciplines, strengths and abilities and is designed to bring optimum results for both men and women who wish to bring their health regimes to the next level.


A high quality Creatine Supplement used for bodybuilding, and explosive energy.

Key Benefits:

  • Explosive energy
  • Potential water weight gain
  • Mass increase
  • Extra strength, or speed when used correctly

Direction of Use:

Take 20g per day when using it to initially increase body Creatine levels. After a few weeks reduce consumption to a maintenance dose of between 5g and 10g.

Supplement Age of Use:

18 years and up.

Active Ingredients:


Benefits of Each Active Ingredient:

Creatine is an organic compound made up of three amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine. Creatine increases the body’s ability to create energy rapidly, meaning you can train harder and more often- which means faster results! Research shows that Creatine is most effective in high-intensity training and explosive activities, such as weight training, and sports that require short bursts of effort (rugby, football, tennis etc).

Creatine is an osmotically active substance, which basically means it draws water into your muscle cells, which increases protein synthesis (faster muscle gain). Because of this, Creatine will increase weight gain rapidly. Creatine is very effective for people looking to increase weight quickly. Weight gain is usually around 2-4 lbs for the first week of training with Creatine. After that, the weight gain is usually an increase in muscle mass as your body can handle a larger workload.

Supplement Type:


Supplement Size:


Supplement Flavour:


Contraindications / Precautions:

Creatine is extremely safe, as it is one of the most tested substances on the market. It is suggested that anyone who had problems with their kidneys to avoid Creatine as it gets processed through the kidneys.

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers:

Q) I have a 14-year-old son. He is an avid boxer, and has been told by his instructor that he should take Creatine. Could you point out where the Creatine is in the shop?
A) We would not recommend Creatine for a 14 year old, as it is strictly for over 18’s.

Q) I am looking to put on a lot of weight fast, can you recommend something from the sports section?
A) Yes, Creatine adds a lot of water to the muscles which can increase weight. Expect to put on around 1-2kg in a week.

Other Notes, Guidelines, Tips:

Studies suggest to mix Creatine with a fruit juice as the sugar from the fruit juice increases the absorption of Creatine.

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