OPRO – Personalised Self Mould Custom Mouthguard Kit

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Comes with a FREE Bronze Mouth Guard while your waiting.

OPRO make it your way, CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU.

How It Works:

A simple, revolutionary yet highly effective system, allowing anyone to take their own impression. The instructions, particularly the audio CD, make the whole procedure simple – and fun!


  • Written instructions
  • CD
  • Unique impression tray
  • Impression putties

The choice of mouthguards is exactly the same as the ‘dentist made’ mouthguards as we simply take your impression, cast it like any other impression, and make a mouthguard from it. Each impression is individually checked by a technician, prior to making the mouthguard. The system is quick, effective, and produces an opro which comes with all the benefits you’d expect from an opro together with a comprehensive dental warranty.

If you have a fixed orthodontic appliance, we even have a putty-free OPD system which is ideal.

Email: if you need assistance.

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