OPRO – Platinum (Pearl/Mint/Black) 10+ Adult


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This Platinum Opro Shield Self-Fit Mouthguard, in Pearl White, Black & Mint, is suitable for all contact sports and offers unbeatable protection against sporting injuries to teeth. Opro is world leader in the design and manufacture of self-fit mouthguards and produce thousands of self-fit mouthguards each day for schools, clubs, colleges and individuals, all over the world.

  • Self-fit mouthguard in Pearl White, Black & Mint
  • One size – Ages 7 to Adult
  • Durable outer layer for ultimate impact protection
  • Flexible inner layer for excellent comfort and fit
  • Air spaces for maximum cushioning and protection
  • Anatomical patented fins. 13 anatomical fins in superior hi-flow material shaped and spaced to accurately fit teeth morphology. Once fitted these are broken down to give a superior custom-fit inner channel
  • Inter-jaw absorption layer: To protect teeth and soft tissue from blows through the lower jaw
  • Cradle for easy fitting : Enables an easy and accurate fitting process ensuring minimum guaranteed thickness of bite surface and producing air-cushioning system. After removing the cradle, side air cushions are created giving incredible comfort, cushioning and protection
  • Carry case
  • Biomaster mouthguard and case: Odour and taste-free, giving permanent protection. Biomaster additive destroys up to 99% of harmful bacteria and are proven to be effective to antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA
  • Wide open front palate for ease of breathing and speaking
  • Superior fit and retention
  • Opro self-fit dental warranty
  • Fitting instructions inside packaging, or scan QR code
  • Minors should be supervised by an adult during fitting
  • Not suitable for fixed braces
  • Latex free


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