Gaelic Football is an extreme- ly challenging sport involving kicking, carrying, passing, and hitting. The field is large, the action is relatively non-stop, and the physical combat in- volves hits similar to football or rugby with less protective gear than soccer players em- ploy.

On top of that, the rules re- quire constant hand/eye co- ordination when handling the ball; players are not allowed to take more than three steps without releasing, bouncing, or “soloing” (kicking the ball into your own hands) the ball.

What does all this mean in terms of training require- ments? It means that in order to be prepared for competi- tion, you need to be well con- ditioned, strong, agile, coordi- nated, durable, and, above all, extremely tough both mental- ly and physically.

For these reasons, a Work and Recovery system was neces- sary. Enter RAMfit.

This is a local story, this is a real story, this is a story about trying to make a difference, and how challenging that can be. The origins of RamFit can be traced back to the summer of June 1999, when both founders, JP Mone and Dermot Mc Ardle, trained and played together for Monaghan GAA at senior level. While in itself, this is nothing remarkable, as hundreds of young men would do the same for over 100 years, it was the start of the development of a mindset that would carry through to the present.

That summer culminated in a heavy defeat by Fermanagh, a county with similar resources to the Monaghan team. It was clear from that day, that in order to be able to do more with less, to out-think, out-work, and out-fight any opposition that they encounter. The same still stands true for any Monaghan player or team that takes the field. The same stands true for RamFit. Our products are made with less and designed to do more. This is a challenger story.


The Principle Of Doing More With Less

Everybody knows that it pays to recycle, not just for the consumer, but for the planet. RAMfit’s vision is that our products will use the fewest possible materials and be assembled in ways that allow them to last for a long long time or to be readily recycled into new products.

The Principle of Local

From day 1, we made a conscious decision to use as many local materials and use local labour, where ever possible. We will never outsource our production to companies who do not provide their employees with at least a living Wage, or make their workers work in inhumane conditions

The Principle of Education

We believe that while making great products is the foundation of our company, developing great education is just as important. We aim to educate our customers and non customers in many aspects of fitness and performance, not just areas that relate to our products

The Principle of Caring 

“People don’t care what you know until the know that you care”. Every customer must be treated the same with care and respect.

The Principle of Transparency

We will be open about our processes, and overall aims. We invite you to visit our factory, or call us directly if you ever have any questions in relation to our products or company