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To help you get back to the sport you love and to help you recover in the comfort of your own home we are giving huge discounts on our systems for the Month of August..

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Phil Healy

“Recovery is key and Phil knows the benefits of our Elite sports products and services. Recovery pump is such a useful tool that has aided my recovery since I have started using them. Recovery is a key priority to make sure my body is fully recovered, and ready to attack and execute the next session. When training at a high intensity for 6 days a week and 11months of the year, it is essential that I am fully recovered. Recovery pump is so easy to use, with the various pressure and time settings, it allows me to fully relax on the couch while recovering my legs. When travelling to various locations, it is so compact and portable, taking the stress out and making sure my recovery continues”

Phil Healy

Athletics Ireland

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Rugby Players Ireland is the representative body for professional and international rugby players in Ireland.